Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken & Chicken Bones (What Age?)

We all know there are plenty of benefits to a raw diet for your dog. It gives them access to increased levels of protein, fresh cuts of meat instead of derivatives, and a diet that is rich in meat, bone, and vegetables. But the important thing is making sure it is safe and balanced.  Dogs can eat raw chicken and raw chicken bones safely. However, you do need to be aware that dogs are still at risk of salmonella poisoning, so it is important to ensure that you buy the raw meat from responsible farmers to minimise the risk.  If … Read more


Can You Mix Raw Egg With Dog Food? (Will it Cause Food Poisoning)

Humans eat raw eggs all the time. That sneaky bite (or ten) of raw cookie dough, the lick of the spoon when you finish mixing up the cake batter, or maybe you’re one of those people who like to drink raw eggs in the morning. So, if you can eat them can your dog? You can mix raw egg with dog food. In fact, raw egg does have nutritional benefits such as protein and helpful fatty amino acids that provide healthier skin and a shiny coat. While there is a minimal risk of salmonella, raw eggs are the perfect treat … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Hummus? (Don’t RISK Feeding Your Dog Until You Read)

One of the best dips for casual gatherings or snacking solo, hummus is a creamy treat that tastes good with pretty much everything. But when your furry friend starts giving you those pleading eyes, is it really a good idea to share it with them?  Dogs can’t eat hummus, it’s actually toxic for them because it contains poisonous ingredients such as garlic and onion. Furthermore, the lemon juice can cause stomach upsets and the amount of oil in the hummus is incredibly fattening.  But what happens if your pup eats hummus? What are the harmful ingredients? Is there any way … Read more


Can You Mix Dog Food With Tuna? (What Are The Benefits)

A tuna sandwich, a delicious tuna steak with fresh greens and a fancy sauce. Mouthwatering, right? Your dog thinks so too, and a fishy treat might be on your list to give them as a little snack after dinner. The question is, is it safe to do so and are there any benefits?  You can mix dog food with tuna, and fish actually has many beneficial properties for your pup. It’s rich in natural oils and plenty of nutrients that help them stay healthy and strong. You can’t give them tuna every day because of the mercury levels, but it … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna Fish? (Tinned Tuna Safe Or Not)

A tuna fish sandwich is probably one of the best lunches, especially in summer. A little dash of salt, pepper, maybe some lettuce or cucumber if you want that crunch. Delicious. But what about the leftover flakes in the can? Is your dog allowed to have a little nibble?  Dogs can eat canned tuna fish. In fact, it can be considered a healthy treat for them to have every once in a while. However, tuna does come with some risks that you’ll want to consider – namely the potential mercury content and whether it’s in oil or brine.  If you … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Baked Beans? (They’re Not Safe – A MUST read)

Beans on toast, a fresh jacket topped with butter and baked beans. A full English with some cheeky beans on the side – could the British staple get any better? They’re certainly a favourite across the UK, but can your dog have them too?  Your dog can’t eat baked beans. They are high in fat and sugar, which makes them unhealthy for your dog to eat and can cause them to become very unwell. If they manage to hoover a few up that you dropped, no need to worry, but certainly no more than that.  Want to know why baked … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Leeks (You MUST Read This)

Leeks are a delicious addition to many meals. They bring incredible flavour, make the best soup in the world when potatoes are added and are really easy to prepare and cook. But the key question here is whether or not your fluffy best friend can eat them too.  Dogs cannot eat leeks as they are highly toxic. They belong to the same family as onions, the allium family, which is also home to chives and garlic. If your dog eats leeks they are like to suffer from an upset stomach and vomiting, and severe cases can be fatal. It’s important … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes? (How Much Is Safe?)

Who doesn’t love a bit of mashed potato? If you don’t think potatoes are the kings of the food world, you’re wrong, but that’s a whole other topic. Whether you love them or hate them, you might want to share them with your pup. But can your dog actually enjoy a bit of mash?  Dogs can eat mashed potatoes. In fact, they are a pretty healthy treat. However, you should make sure they have absolutely no seasonings or toppings, and they are not a great choice for diabetic dogs due to their high natural sugar content.  Want to learn more … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Pate? (Is Liver Pate Safe)

Pate is a delicious treat that we all like to spoil ourselves with from time to time. When you look down and see those big puppy-dog eyes, it might be tempting to give your pup a little nibble too. But wait. Is giving them pate a safe option? Dogs can eat pate as long as there is no onion or garlic in the ingredients. Pate that is free from toxins should only be given in tiny amounts and as a very rare treat since it is high in calories and fat. Liver pate is especially prone to containing onion. Want … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Parsnips? (Including Cooked, Uncooked & Skin)

A Christmas dinner or Sunday roast staple, the parsnip is a common vegetable in British homes. They are delicious, nutritious, and the leftovers usually end up in the dog’s bowl as a little treat. But are parsnips safe for them to eat?  Dogs can eat parsnips, and they are just as good for them as they are for you. They can help boost kidney function, are packed with vitamins and minerals, and keep their immune system healthy. They are a brilliant treat to add to the bowl.  Want to learn more about how parsnips can benefit your dog as well … Read more